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About Me

Web Design & Development
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I started in 2008 as freelance designing websites for agencies. Back then websites were being hand coded and standards were not yet well defined.

I specialized mainly in designing business websites and Web Shops (Now we have a fancy name for them: E-commerce websites). Then i had the opportunity to act as consultant for several online business (My consulting services always remain confidential)

In parallel i have been giving computer lessons to people of all age groups and it allowed me to refine and deepen my user expeirence and design skills. Understanding how people of different backgrounds and age groups react differently to UI /UX designs has been the game changer in my ability to target specific audiences.

Through the years i have also acquired a massive knowledge about search engine optimization and online marketing strategy.

Since then i have evolved and offer a wide range of services that help businesses of all sizes maximize efficiency, production and implement cost saving strategies.
I am very passionate about design and technology, and my main goal is to bring technology at the service of businesses so that you can mainly focus on running your business without having to worry about anything else.

Since 2021, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to be closer to the family, i relocated my freelance website business to Corsica. I am now based in St Florent, Corsica where i continue to serve my awesome clients.

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