Hi, my name is Yan,
i’m a Freelance Website
Designer & Developer
based in Corsica, France

i Build Websites for Smart Businesses that want a Strong and Successful Online Presence

You have the Vision, Let’s Bring it to Life…

The only Website you need is

A Simple yet Effective
High Performance Website that
Speak for Your Brand


What YOU


help you

Do you want your website to be your “always-on” business advocate during and outside of office hours, Work for you night & day 24/7/365 ?

My Process

4 Simple and Easy Steps



This is where I dive deep into your world and get to know you and your business so that I can properly design your amazing website. I need to understand you, your philosophy, your audience and the problems your website need to solve.



I take what I’ve learned about you during the discovery phase and craft a bespoke website that’s tailored to meet your specific needs, all while accurately representing your brand and keeping things aesthetically pleasing and useable for your audience.



Once you’re happy with the designs, I will proceed to building them making sure everything is optimised to follow modern web practices, such as speed, security and reliability.


Go Live

After I’ve completed the build and double checked everything alongside your approval, it’s time to launch your website. In this phase I will also provide some training videos on how you can add content to your website so you can do it yourself.

My Services

Web Design & Development

Whether you need a Landing Page, an e-Commerce Store, a website Redesign or a Custom Web Application, you’re at the right place to have the Perfect Website built for you today.

Search Engine Optimization

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results. It doesn’t matter how great your design is, if people can’t find your website, then you don’t exist. SEO is where most businesses Fail.

Maintenance - Care Plan

Updates, Backups, Uptime Monitoring, Continuous Optimizations, the list goes on… If you really want to try your luck then you can skimp on maintenance. Some people are lucky but unfortunately most of us don’t live in movies.

General Website Optimization

Do you want to improve your website’s design?
Add functionality?
Improve load time and performance? Sort bugs?
I am available for a wide range of micro services related to general website optimizations.

About Me

i am a Freelance Website Designer / Developer & SEO Specialist driven by strong Ethics and Values

What you can expect working with me:

Working with me is simple and easy.

I personally reply to all e-mails, telephone calls, meet with clients before, during and after the projects.

Then i do the research, strategy, design and development according to what we agreed and i reach to you when i need your approval on the work in progress till the end of the project.

Then on completion, i will provide the training if needed and i personally follow up after delivering the finished project.

I am not an employee with a 9 to 5 job who is unreachable outside of office hours, nor am i a director who gives orders to other employees. I am happy to hold my position 24/7.

  • Professional and Friendly Services
  • Confidentiality
  • Prompt and Easy Communication
  • On budget and on time
  • Competitive Pricing
  • And most importantly, a person that listens to your ideas and builds around your values.

I Deliver Results

Developers often find problems to all solutions,
That’s why there are so many programming Languages

I focus on Finding Easy Solutions to Your Complex Problems …

I know your time is precious, so i won’t bother you about coding,

Let’s get the job done…

Freelance Website Designer in Corsica

Among My Awesome Clients

Driving Technology for Successful Brands

Let's build your Awesome Website Together!