Why you need Strong Website Security?

Do you Really need Security for your website?

The number 1 comment i get from most people running a website is: I’m a small business, Why would hackers waste their time to hack my website. They don’t have anything to win and anyway my website does not make a lot of money so i don’t have a lot to lose.

Let me tell you something, you can’t be more wrong.

Do you know that website attacks are automated and that they don’t target any particular website?
i guess most people would think that attacks target only popular or big businesses!
No, it does not work like that unfortunately…
Don’t get me wrong, sure there are targeted attacks, the big businesses know about it and they take all the necessary measures to protect themselves against it.

So what do they target?
Short answer is VULNERABILITIES… All website may be subject to vulnerabilities no matter how it’s been coded. There’s no need to argue on that subject. Reality is that humans are not perfect and humans do do mistakes no matter what.

Let’s compare a website attack with a real life example that most people will understand.

Let’s imagine your car gets stolen!
What can happen next? Yes you will be covered by insurance but it’s not the end of the story.
What happens to your personal belongings in the car?
You may have personal documents in the car, ID, proof of address, documents concerning your family, children etc…

Accessing these documents could lead to identity theft, the criminals could have private information about your family and conduct a vast number of crimes that could put you in deep trouble.
Moreover it can be a huge threat for your and your family’s safety.

Common documents often found in cars are: ID, utility bills, driving license, Travel documents, Keys, work documents, bank account details, credit cards, and the list goes on…

Now what if the thief use your car to commit a crime (Drug dealing, Murder, Kidnapping, Prostitution, etc…)

Have you ever thought about that?
I guess most people have never thought about the consequence of somebody stealing their car!

And do you know why?
Simple answer is: Because you are not a security expert.

So now let’s go back to your website
You might not be aware but there are laws that protect people’s privacy on internet. And these laws will punish website owners if they are not being respected.

Your website stores people’s data, personal information. Now imagine if your website users decide to sue you after a data breach… Unfortunately that means the end of your business and you might even finish in jail.

It’s not the end of the story
it’s only the start. if a hacker takes control of your website, you might never notice it if the hacker is clever and hides his tracks.

Once your website is under his control, he can use it to attack other websites, send mass mailing, spam people’s emails, conduct Man in the middle attacks, phishing or even sell drugs, ammunition, prostitution, tarnish your reputation, distribute adult content, the list is endless…

And you know what’s the worst part of the story?
You will be responsible for all the harm caused to others through your website, yes believe me you will.

So do you really want to try your luck?
Skimp on security if you are brave enough, but I’d rather have a beer and chill on our beautiful Mauritian beaches while others go bankrupt while spending their life sorting the consequences of poor security.